BRAD ELLERMAN was born in the 1960's when the theory of left or right brain dominance emerged. 
Brad has a highly developed logical / analytical left brain which manifests in an exceedingly high
capacity for detail and explains his proclivity to organize everything in his universe.  But Brad is equally 
a right brained creative.

Beginning at the age of twelve, Brad preferred to spend his free time designing dream homes on his
drafting table or developing his eye for composition and beauty in his basement dark room.  He enjoys
and desires to add his own brush strokes to all things aesthetically pleasing. 

While attending the Cox School of Business at SMU, Brad developed an interest for real estate and upon
graduating became an office leasing broker.   But after eight years in the commercial real estate sector, he realized that he could not spend his life in a career that didn’t fully captivate his heart and allow him to
express his artistic talent.  It was at that time that Brad quit his job and began to look back on his life for
clues as to what he was created to do.    The decision to walk away from an already established business
in order to satisfy his heart was one of the best he would make. 

Today, and every day in the past thirty years, Brad would describe himself as one very lucky guy.  Not 
only does he love his work, and the fact that his skill sets oddly and  perfectly align to excel at his
profession, but he also found himself in stylish Dallas, Texas where people have an appreciation and an
appetite for glamour, fashion and luxurious homes. 

Brad credits his home building success to his eye for detail and a natural ability to methodically organize
and execute complex construction projects.  He has developed unique systems that produce repeatable
successful outcomes and allows his clients to understand and enjoy the entire experience.  The greatest
compliments that he is paid is when clients recognize that not only did Brad perform the work at a very
high level but that he also inspired ideas and design details for their home that they never anticipated
from their builder.  His primary goal is to be a valued team player that strives to deliver the very best of
each of his abilities to every client and home he engages with. 

Brad is not merely a man that chose to build homes to earn a living.  Rather, he was born with the
perfect set of passions and gifts to excel at building luxurious homes.  His heart is exceedingly captivated,
and he is grateful that thirty years ago he had the courage to pause his life, in order to truly find it. 

When Brad is not working on his current portfolio of luxury homes, he enjoys playing golf with friends
and family as well as painting abstract art.